Hello SR open API!


I’m totally addicted to Sweden’s public service radio, especially the SR P1 channel that is almost always flowing from our speakers at home. Programs that I miss, I catch up with via the excellent collection of SR podcasts.

When I recently decided to refresh my knowledge in AngularJS, I was looking for a ready-to-use backend for my front-end experiments. It turned out that Swedish Radio has a very nice REST API that is free to use! There is documentation available and also a forum.

My first test was to fetch all radio channels’ meta data, list the channels and their logotypes and provide links to the live broadcast url:s. You can view my published experiment in Plunker here:


It should look something like this:


There are three radio buttons that you can use to filter among different types of channels. About the code, there is not much needed in the controller:

And then, to display the data in the view:


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